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How to Select a Travel Nursing Company

Posted October 19, 2020

Selecting a travel nursing company can feel daunting and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! We understand that there are so many travel nursing companies to choose from, so we want to make your selection process a bit easier. We put together a few key things to look for when choosing the best travel nurse company for you!

Company Reputation

This is a big one. Listen and read to what others are saying about travel nursing companies. We encourage you to take a deep dive into their social media pages, read Google reviews, ask fellow nurses, and pose a question on a travel nursing Facebook group to get a variety of opinions. Based on your own research and the opinions you receive from other travel nurses you’ll be able to easily narrow down a select list of companies to check out further!

Recruiter Vibe

Finding the perfect recruiter is key when selecting a travel nurse company. You need someone that is trustworthy, honest, determined, empathetic and has a fun personality. According to Bluepipes, travel nurses have indicated that finding a solid recruiter is one of the most important aspects of selecting a travel nurse company. So, how do you go about finding your match made in heaven?!

The task may feel impossible, but it’s really quite easy. Naturally, we believe our Recruiters at Nurses PRN are the bee’s knees – but you can search for a variety of Recruiters at Travel Nurse Source as well. On this platform, you can read recruiter reviews, scan their bios, and easily access their contact information. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might hit it off so well with your recruiter that you’ll be invited to their wedding! Not that we have experience with that or anything… 😉

Housing Options

If landing the perfect nursing job is number one on your list, then securing your temporary housing should be number 2! When you’re shopping around for a travel nursing company, you should make sure that a dedicated Housing Coordinator is on staff. This person does all the leg work in researching and securing your housing for your travel nursing assignment. It’s been said that moving is one of the top stressors in someone’s life – but not when you have a Housing Coordinator on your side! Our housing guru takes your needs, wants, and budget requirements to formulate the perfect place for you to call home. We’ll make sure your home away from home is nothing short of amazing. 

Nurse First Culture

Find a travel nursing company that is invested in YOU and not solely your career. This is a real game-changer. You should be listened to, celebrated, understood, and supported throughout your travel nursing career. This is something that our company values and focuses on each day. Upfront and open conversations are key to any successful relationship – it must go both ways! We’re here for you both personally and professionally, OurNurse First culture also means we don’t shy away from difficult, but important conversations. We never want to mislead or point you in the wrong direction. It’s our obligation and duty to you as a travel nurse. When you work with us, you become a part of our tight-knit family. 

Variety of Jobs

Check out the specific job board of the travel nursing company you’re looking at. This will be a tell-tale sign of their job availability and the potential future openings in your desired area. Travel nursing companies usually work with a variety of hospital systems throughout the country, as a company that has been in business for over 25 years we have solid relationships with many of them. This is a great benefit to you! Our Account Managers have built close and trusting relationships with our clients – meaning we can easily make a call to find you the perfect job opening. So, if you don’t initially see a perfect job match on our job board, give us a call and we’ll hunt one down for you. Not sure where you want to travel to yet? Check out our blog on the best states for nurses to work and live – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect spot!

Pay and Benefits

One of the many perks of being a travel nurse is the pay! On average, our travel nurses tend to earn approximately 20% more than permanent nurse employees. As a travel nurse, there are many factors that contribute to your pay package; which include, years of experience, location, facility, housing, and benefits that you choose to receive. Along with great pay packages, we offer a variety of benefits to ensure our nurses are taken care of every step of the way. These benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • 401K plan
  • Contract renewal bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Continuing education 
  • PRN Plus Program

The best part of it all is that your trusty recruiter is here to lay it all out for you and answer any questions you may have! 

Finding the best travel nursing company is key to unlock an incredible travel nursing experience. When you’re doing your research on travel nursing companies, be sure they check off the key components listed above. You deserve a company with a solid reputation, rock star recruiters, a housing coordinator on staff, Nurse First culture, a variety of job options, and an excellent pay package with benefits. Now go on and begin your search for the best travel nursing company for you!

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