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10 travel nurse necessities you’ll want for your next contract

Posted September 21, 2020

Your contract is set, housing is secured, and now you just need to pack! Oh, the packing and the never-ending nurse necessities’ checklists. You’re questioning what to bring, what not to bring, and everything in between. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! We put a list together of the 10 travel nurse items you’ll want to bring for your next contract. With these items in tow, you’ll be ready to take on your next travel assignment.


Buzzy was featured on the TV show Shark Tank and has become a health care sensation ever since. This unique gadget provides your patients with immediate pain relief that is often caused by IVs, injections, finger pricks, blood draws, and more. This device combines cold and vibration to eliminate pain. Easy to use and a gamechanger for your patients! You’ll be the talk of the floor with this nurse gadget by your side.  

Veinlite® Vein Finder 

Veinlite Vein Finder is the perfect addition to your nursing supplies. You’ll never have to stress about finding the “perfect” vein. Not only does the light help you locate veins, but it is also used as a stabilizer to avoid the vein from rolling. Let’s be honest, no matter how great you are at locating veins – there are some patients that make your job feel impossible. The Veinlite Vein Finder will ease their anxiety and eliminate numerous pokes.

EKO CORE Digital Stethoscope

EKO Core attachment just made listening a whole lot easier. This device has active noise cancellation, seven amplification levels, easy to use mobile app for visual recordings, and the ability to share recordings as needed. You no longer have to worry about the extra noise in the room when doing your readings. Listen with ease and get the accuracy you need with this awesome nurse gadget.  

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

Any nurse knows that a great pen is one of their most prized possessions. It’s time for you to give pen envy to nurse on your floor with the LiveScribe Echo SmartPen. All of your reporting will be so much easier and efficient. This genius device gathers everything you draw and write by compiling it all in a digital file. Believe it or not, the pen also has a microphone so it can record everything you say or hear. You’ll never forget a thing! 

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Falling asleep can be a tricky task for a travel nurse. Your mind is racing from your shift and settling down quickly may feel next to impossible. That’s where the Dodow Sleep Aid Device comes to the rescue! This device synchronizes your breathing to the blue light projected onto your ceiling.  Inhale when the light expands and exhale when it retracts. You can choose an 8 or 20-minute exercise – think of this as a relaxing meditation practice. The exercise gets your body prepared and ready to fall asleep quickly. Turning this on will save you from dreaded insomnia.

Perfect Scrubs

You’re in scrubs far too much to settle for anything less than perfect! There are many cuts, styles, and fabrics to choose from out there. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your scrubs is the functionality they provide – pockets are a must! We’ve researched the top 5 most comfortable scrub tops and pants to eliminate one thing off your list. Give a few of these a try, you might just find a match made in heaven.

Comfortable Shoes

As a travel nurse, you’re running a marathon during every shift. At the end of the day, comfort is key when choosing a pair of nursing shoes. However, because there are so many options it can be overwhelming to find the best pair. We’ve narrowed down some of the most comfortable shoes on the market for you. All you need to do is try them on and buy!

Compression socks

Sporting compression socks during your shift will keep your legs feeling refreshed and energized! Being on your feet all day doesn’t do you any favors – besides all the steps you get in! Many nurses complain of having leg swelling and painful varicose veins. To avoid these unwanted symptoms, make sure to utilize compression socks often!

Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch

Keeping track of time never looked so good. The Spedidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch is not only stylish but functional and durable too. The band is made with 100% silicone, the case is stainless steel, and it’s water-resistant – every nurse will applaud for that feature! Another awesome benefit is that it lights up with a push of a button, day or night you can use this beauty without the worry of your timing accuracy!

Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag

Travel nurses have a lot of items to carry to and from their shift, keep them safe and organized with the Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag. This nurse bag comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find the perfect color to suit your style. This work bag also has a variety of storage compartments, heavy-duty zippers, and water-resistant fabric. You’ll feel confident and organized during your next travel assignment.

Be sure to grab these nurse necessitiess before you start your next travel contract. You’ll have the most comfortable scrubs and shoes on the floor along with some of the coolest nurse gadgets around! You’re sure to feel prepared to take on anything that comes your way.  


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