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Per Diem Life at Nurses PRN

Posted January 7, 2019

The term contract is pretty self-explanatory, but what exactly is “per diem”? Translated, per diem means “by the day.” Twenty-two years ago, our agency took that meaning and created a company around the idea, Nurses PRN. PRN is an abbreviation for Pro Re Nata, translated from Latin to “as the circumstances arise, or as needed.” So what does it mean then to be a Per Diem Nurse at Nurses PRN? Here’s the translation… 

What Is Per Diem Nursing All About?!

At Nurses PRN, the majority of our per diem nurses work within long term care facilities in WI and IL. We do have per diem needs in our hospital settings in WI, IL, Michigan City, and MO. However, the frequency of needs is less and differs depending on the area. Currently, there are over 90 facilities in WI and over 70 in Illinois!  We work with these facilities to assist with their staffing shortages, whether predicted or last minute openings.

A per diem nurse is brought on board to assist with these shortages.  A nurse is expected to work a minimum of four shifts per month.  This can be any four days, no requirements of weekends or holidays. Every employee keeps a calendar of availability online letting our schedulers know exactly which shift, what days they are available to work. As our facilities send us openings, we are simultaneously reaching out to our active nurses to fill the needs. Besides last minute daily openings, facilities give their needs to Nurses PRN anywhere from 2-8 weeks ahead of time.  This helps us to solidify schedules for our nurses in advance. Per diem nurses can work the minimum of four shifts per month (supplemental income on their days off), part time, or can elect to work on a full time basis for Nurses PRN.

Why Work Per Diem at Nurses PRN?

So why should you explore the per diem world at Nurses PRN? Don’t take it from me, take it from those who know it best. I have over 60 nurses currently working for Nurses PRN!  They enjoy several aspects of working as a per diem nurse, primarily the flexibility of creating their own schedule (imagine being able to make it to every t-ball game or participate in every holiday tradition if you’d like, yay!). They also enjoy working at different facilities (a typical nurse works between 3-6 different places in their area), and the ability to meet new people and learn about different facilities.

Have more questions about per diem? Ready to sign up? Carpe Diem!! There are several recruiters here at Nurses PRN ready for your call, we can’t wait to meet you!