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Milwaukee, WI

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If you’ve found the call of travel nursing alluring but still don’t know where to go, you may want to consider going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This gem of a city is a delight to all the senses and continues to be a favorite location for travelers even today. The countless possibilities for entertainment and indulgence here allow Milwaukee to enrapture the masses and maintain a permanent home in the hearts of its visitors.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is a great stop for families or just animal-lovers in general. Featuring an exotic array of the most charming creatures, this zoo is certainly among the best of establishments to investigate. Bring your camera along and capture images of the gorgeous striped tigers or the colorful rainforest frogs. You’ll want to make a point to see the zoo’s latest pride as well - two adorable little golden lion tamarins that joined the family of now seven. Their bright sunny fur and hypnotizing onyx eyes are lovely enough to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

When you’re looking to relax in an easygoing, friendly environment, there’s an endless number of cafés you can rest up in. If you’re in the mood for a comfortable sit-back session and people-watching, you might try the Brewed Café on Brady. This site offers a splendid take-it-all-in atmosphere and is a pleasant spot for those with a creative streak to spend free time. Alterra at the Lake is a perfect location for lounging, with a spectacular view, delicious food, and sometimes live music. Trocadero is a great café/bar offering live music as well, and you can get a nice feeling of diversity too when you see featured reading material in different languages.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a choice destination featuring remarkable artwork as well as stunning architecture and vivid greenery. You can make a plan to see exhibits such as the ongoing “Sensory Overload” or the newer “Remains: Contemporary Artists and the Material Past” (ending June 7). It is also a fantastic place to take the family, and can give kids the perfect hands-on experience they need for a boost in cultural growth. After all, here you will find thought-provoking paintings and strange contraptions from long ago - an admirable setting for the ultimate educational experience.

Historical Milwaukee, Inc. can also provide you with an assortment of tours and events designed to let you in on the secrets of the city. Take a walk on the weekly Skywaukee, which presents tourists with the innovative notion of exploring the past through modern means. You can also ride through the city and perceive enormous buildings blessed with profound design and a great deal of history through the bus tour system. An abundance of information and speculation calls to a myriad of explorers and could very well leave you with plenty to mull over long after your guide has stopped speaking.

At the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, you can enjoy enlivening music and inventive plays. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s In The Season of Spring begins March 13th at Uihlein Hall; once again, this group is expected to grab a hold of the audience and never let go. Children will enjoy weekends here, with the latest performance being a classic favorite, The Neverending Story. The popular Broadway show, A Bronx Tale, is also scheduled for performance here during the end of March, and would serve as a wonderful experience for you and your friends.

There are plenty of opportunities for a pleasurable and immersive episode in the city of Milwaukee. If you want in on the action like countless other travelers, then a nursing job in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is exactly where you want to be.

RNPSYCHMilwaukee, WI

The Psychiatric Nurse is in charge of providing health care for patients who are diagnosed with behavioral and mental illnesses.


As a Psychiatric Nurse your responsibilities consist of:
  • Planning out medication schedules for the patient and track the results of the patient's condition.
  • Teaching patients and their families about the patient's condition and the proper ways to deal with their condition.
  • Providing emotional support and companionship for the patient while implementing a safe, but effective treatment plan.


One year of experience as a Psychiatric Nurse within the past two years.
  • Current Nursing License in good standing.
  • Up to date Basic Life Support from American Heart Association.
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen.
Milwaukee, WI
Job Type
Travel or Local Contract
PMs, 8 hours
12 Weeks