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Nurse First News

Michelle Marg
Chief Nursing Officer

Compression Socks: Why All Nurses Should Wear Them

Posted July 20, 2016
The patient is the number one concern of the healthcare system, but a close second should be the nurse’s health. If a nurse is unable to perform their duties to [...] Read More
Michelle Marg
Chief Nursing Officer

Advice to a New Nurse – Things I Wish I Knew

Posted May 24, 2016
We’ve all been there, fresh out of nursing school with big hopes and dreams for the future. We’re ready to make a difference in people’s lives. Then reality sets in [...] Read More
Michelle Marg
Chief Nursing Officer

Night Shift: How to Prepare Yourself

Posted March 13, 2016
The night shift can be difficult for a nurse. They must both work when many others are sleeping and fight the body’s natural urge to sleep during the night. A [...] Read More
Michelle Marg
Chief Nursing Officer

5 Things That Don’t Faze Nurses Anymore

Posted March 8, 2016
Remember back to a time when you weren’t a nurse. Now think of how you felt about doctors and hospitals. I’m sure many would say they were scared or at [...] Read More
Andrea Rupnow
Travel Recruiter

Best States for a Nurse to Work and Live

Posted February 18, 2016
There are many opportunities all throughout the USA to be a nurse. You can become a travel nurse and work/live in a different place every few months. Or you can [...] Read More
Michelle Marg
Chief Nursing Officer

Good Communication Skills Create Greater Happiness

Posted January 5, 2016
Communication is important not only at home but also at work. If you don’t tell people want you want, it’s hard to complain when you don’t get what you wanted.  [...] Read More